ready to stitch on to clothes


flags pennants coat of arms standards


embroidery on towels


embroidery on jackets bags fleece


rugs insignia numbers name emblems etc.
Retail price list::Small embroidery (up to 10 thousand stitches) *

  • 1-5 pcs. – 10.00 PLN / 1pc.
  • 6-10 pcs. – 5.00 PLN / 1pc.
  • 11 pcs. > – at a wholesale price

Big embroidery (from 10-20 thousand stitches) **

  • 1-5 pcs. – 15.00 PLN / 1pc.
  • 6-10 pcs. – 12.00 PLN / 1pc.
  • 11 pcs. > – at a wholesale price

Maxi embroidery (more than 20 thousand stitches)

  • 1-5 pcs. – wholesale price + 100%
  • 6-10 pcs. – wholesale price + 50%
  • 11 pcs. > – at a wholesale price

*small embroidery – usually on front (wholesale price up to 3.50 PLN)
• **big embroidery – emblems, logos with full background, back, etc. (wholesale price up to 7.00 PLN)

Net price.

Wholesale price list:

Embroidery price depends on the number of stitches in a given pattern and, to a slight extent, on the number of colors, production size, difficulty level of patterns, etc. We give the exact price of a given pattern after receiving materials and information about the order size from you. We encourage you to use our “determine the value of your embroidery” tab The lowest price for a small embroidery amounts to 1.00 PLN/pc. net. This is our starting price. In some cases we are able to lower that price.

Embroidery program

The cost of preparing the embroidery program (most of embroideries) amounts to 50.00 PLN. Complicated embroideries (crests, embroideries with a lot of stitches, colors) are valued individually.

Projects should be sent in CDR, AI, EPS (all of the curves) formats.